Monday, August 6, 2012

Tips for Beating Smoking

Beating smoking is tough because it’s a physical addiction and psychological habit. It becomes a ritual, and eliminating nicotine from your body can cause you to experience withdrawal symptom. When you’ve made the decision to stop smoking, you have to address the addiction and the habit by adopting new behaviors and finding healthy ways to deal with the symptoms of withdrawal.

Creating a Plan

Going cold-turkey works for some people, but having a game plan when you want to quit smoking can improve your chances of success. Before you quit:
  • Set an official “quit date”
  • Tell your family, friends and co-workers about your plan to quit and your start date
  • Think about the challenges (e.g., withdrawal symptoms and cravings) that you may face when you quit and plan ways to overcome them (e.g., exercising, meditation, seeing a counselor)
  • Eliminate all tobacco products from your environment, including your car and workplace
  • Tell your doctor about your plans to quit because he or she can provide you with custom tips
  • When you plan to quit smoking cigarette, check out the resources available through a local hospital or community center. You may find classes and support groups available free of charge. 

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