Saturday, June 28, 2008

Probiotics & Kiefer

Probiotics are all the rage today. Eating and/or drinking it will make you trendy and make your body happy. They best benefit those who are on, or have just finished, an antibiotic regimen, have a compromised immune system, or those who are experiencing stomach upset or irregularity.

Kiefer (not the guy on "24") is found in natural supermarkets or in the natural section of the supermarket and is a drink (like the drink-able yogurts) or a thicker yogurt-type-thing. It has been around forever and is full of probiotics and active cultures (which is secret code for "good bacteria"). Kiefer is full of good-digestion-promoting bacteria (just like yogurts and cottage cheese) and is a good choice if you are lactose intolerant.

Good tummy health can be found in other foods that are also naturally fermented like miso, regular yogurt (yup, you don't have to buy the new expensive stuff), breads made from fermented beans, tempeh, and unpasteurized pickled veggies like kimchi or sauerkraut. A happy tummy is made by having a healthy low in sugar and alcohol intake along with high fiber foods and veggies. Why? Because this is the pH environment where the micro-flora in your stomach will thrive.

When it comes to probiotics, remember that not all bacteria is bad.

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