Saturday, May 18, 2013

Betty Crocker goes Gluten-Free

One of the things that I hate about being gluten-free is that you need specialty flours that seem impossible to find to make my favorite treats. And, prepared gluten-free treats are expensive to purchase. Thanks to Betty Crocker, I can still enjoy my favorite gluten-free desserts without breaking the bank.

Over the past few years, Betty Crocker offered mixes to make a gluten-free yellow cake, chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies and brownies (my favorite). Now there are two new additions to the line of gluten-free products: sugar cookie mix and a rice flour blend. (I'm already formulating ideas about how to transform the sugar cookies into snicker doodles!)

I'm a fan of Betty Crocker's gluten-free mixes because they taste great and the end results aren't gritty. The products taste so much like "normal" desserts that I can share them with others without fear that they'll dislike them.

To help me with my gluten-free baking endeavors, I received this awesome baking set:

Thanks, Betty Crocker, for helping make baking fun again!

I add pudding mix to the chocolate cake mix to make it ultra-moist. I've also found that dulce de leche makes a great icing for the yellow cake.  What do you do with the gluten-free mixes?

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