Thursday, May 31, 2012

Comparison Shopping Done for You

I’m a comparison shopper. I want to make sure that I find the best products at the best prices. For example, I researched cell phones for about two weeks before choosing one. Then it took me another three weeks to find a store that sold the phone I wanted at an agreeable price. If I had known about, I could have saved myself some time.

About is a site that allows you to search for a product and then compare the prices from different online stores. For example, if I enter the term “crossbows cheap,” I see results from eBay, Amazon, Sears and more. What I like about is that while this a new shopping site for me, I can trust it because it links me to reputable vendors. has something for everyone. If you like off-roading, you can compare the price of a Trail Tamer Aero Bag. If you need a new pair of shoes, you can see results for Jack Purcell waxed canvas sneakers from Converse. Additionally, there is a great selection of natural products and gluten-free products from the big names in the industries.

One of my favorite things about is Tip Center because it offers a wealth of information about different topics, like baking, creating an outdoor living room, nail care, handbag and luggage care, party supplies, hair care, makeup, home organization and more.

Check out and its fun blog, Pocketchange.

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Type 2 Diabetes Drug Linked with Cancer Risk

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In the summer of 2011, the FDA issued a warning regarding Actos (pioglitazone hydrochloride), a drug used to help individuals with Type 2 diabetes. According to the FDA, medications containing pioglitazone hydrochloride may increase an individual’s risk of developing bladder cancer, especially if a patient has used the medication for over a year.  Find related FDA updates here.

The Actos-Cancer Link

Physicians in France have stopped prescribing medications with pioglitazone hydrochloride to patients with diabetes because of a similar cancer link that researchers found. German physicians have also stopped prescribing the medication.

According to the FDA, you should not take Actos or medications containing pioglitazone hydrochloride if you have a history of, or currently have, bladder cancer. Make sure you tell your doctor if you have a family or personal history of bladder cancer, or if you develop any of the following symptoms while taking Actos:
  • A red or unusual color, or blood, in your urine
  • An urgent need to urinate
  • Pain while urinating
  • Pain in your lower back or abdomen
Even if you are not taking Actos or do not have diabetes, you should tell your doctor if you develop any of the aforementioned symptoms. 

Actos Lawsuit

According to Simmons Law Firm, you may be entitled to compensation if you took Actos and developed cancer before Takeda Pharmaceuticals changed the drug label. Additional side effects of Actos, which is in the thiazolidinedione drug class, may also include an increased risk of:
  • Serious, but rare liver problems
  • Congestive heart failure (CHF)
  • Bone fractures
Learn more about the Actos lawsuit.

If You Currently Take Actos

To control your Type 2 diabetes symptoms, the FDA recommends that you use diet and exercise to help control your blood sugar levels. If your physician has prescribed Actos, do not stop taking your medication until you have discussed your concerns with your physician.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Meditation Program Review

I recently had the opportunity to review the Neuro-Programmer 3, software that combines different tones, visual ("brainwave entertainment") and prompts (like, "You are successful") to help you change your thoughts, behaviors and emotions.

How it Works

After you download the Neuro-Programmer 3 software onto your computer, you complete a survey ("wizard") to find the meditation techniques that may benefit you the most. After completing the survey, you can choose the focus of your meditation (more energy, pain relief, weight loss, and more) and the voice prompts that you want to hear. If you like the mix that you chose, you can save it as an audio file for an MP3 player. The meditation sessions can last a few minutes to over an hour. If you have a special visualization tool, you can watch colors and lights dance on your screen.

The Neuro-Programmer also includes an online support component that allows you to access special download, read about studies of interest, resources, community support and so on.

The Verdict

The Neuro-Programmer 3 is interesting if you enjoy meditating. I like that you can choose different tones based on your needs, adjust the tones of the voices and that the program provides meditation recommendations. For example, some of the audio clips come with the suggestions that you lie down. I also enjoy reading the articles and studies that accompany the program. If you're looking to boost your meditation practices, the Neuro-Programmer 3 may be able to help. You can try it free of charge for two week.

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Astral Projection Program Review

After reading Reader's Digest's  article about the CIA's Stargate Project "The Most Secret Agent," (Reader's Digest, p. 171, March 2006) (an excerpt of the book Reading the Enemy's Mind: Inside Star Gate: America's Psychic Espionage Program) and seeing the movie The Men Who Stare At Goats I was interested to see what clinical hypnotherapist Steve G. Jones had to offer about the subject of astral projection (AP). 

By collaborating with Mindvalley, Jones created an astral projection audio guide called "The Art of Astral Projection." In this guide, he discusses: 
  • The origins of  AP
  • His own AP experiences
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Explanations of how the mind works
  • AP techniques
  • Creative visualization
  • Auras
  • Evaluating your beliefs 
  • An explanation of chakras
The benefits of AP that Jones' site highlights include: 
  • Achieve their first astral projection experience and learn how to astral project consciously.
  • Taste the nature of their true selves and achieve deeper spiritual clarity.
  • Experience hyper-realistic dreams.
  • Channel more positive energy into their careers and relationships.
  • Feel more intuitive and creative in their careers and personal lives.
  • Gain a better understanding of the people and situations surrounding them.
According to Jones, it takes time to be able to astral project. I've been reviewing the program for over a month, and AP has not happened for me. However, the program taught me great relaxation exercises and visualization techniques that help me think positively. 

Learn more about Steve G. Jones and astral projection.  

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Hylunia Product Review

I recently had the opportunity to review natural and organic skincare products created by Hylunia. The product I received was the Dry/Sun-Damaged Skin Travel Kit, which comes with:
  • Facial Cleansing Lotion with hyaluronic acid
  • (toner)
  • (for daytime use)
  • (for nighttime use)
  • (to help even out skin tone)

 The Skincare Ritual

Every morning and evening, I washed my face with the Facial Cleansing Lotion. Unlike other cleansers, this one does not contain soap, so it does not foam. What I liked the best about this product is that it did not dry out my skin or make it feel tight. 

I followed the cleansing lotion with the Colloidal Silver toner, which helps kill excess bacteria on my face. The colloidal silver helps prevent breakouts and the lavender floral water gives the toner a nice, fresh scent. 

If I washed my face in the morning, I applied the Super Moisturizing Facial Day Lotion all over my face and neck. At night, I used the Ultimate Anti-Oxidant Treatment. The lotions did not feel greasy at all and my face always felt well balanced. 

I followed up either lotion with the Beyond Complex C cream, which I applied to my under-eye circles, fine lines and scars. 

The Verdict After Four Weeks of Use

The Hylunia skincare products are great, especially if you have sensitive skin. The product I liked the best was the Beyond Complex C because I noticed immediate results--part of one of the dark circles under one of my eyes was lighter after the first application. After a few weeks of using the Beyond Complex C cream, my concealer use dramatically decreased! If you're going to splurge on beauty products, this cream is a good investment.

I did not notice, however, any difference in any of the fine lines on my face or any accelerated fading of scars. The daytime and nighttime lotions were not perfumed (this isn't a bad thing necessarily), so they smelled a bit like vitamins. Since the kit I received is for dry or sun-damaged skin, I found it a bit odd that the daytime cream did not have an SPF component to it.

I received complimentary products from Hylunia in exchange for this review. All the opinions expressed are my own.