Thursday, September 30, 2010

10 at 2

I started a 10 Minute Challenge about a month ago because I thought it was doable: exercise for 10 minutes five times per week. To help me complete the challenge, I implemented a little something I made up: 10 at 2.

What "10 at 2" means is that I do 10 minutes of exercise, any kind, at 2 PM everyday. On the first day of the challenge, the 10 minutes dragged. On the rest of the days, however, the time went by really quickly, and I even exercised for extra minutes on some days, which isn't a bad thing.

emoticonI've completed the 10 Minute Challenge, but I have decided to continue my 10 at 2. I am motivated by how good my arms look compared to a month ago, and I really want to get rid of these bat wings.

If you are trying to fit exercise into your life, I encourage you to try something similar to my 10 at 2. Perhaps a 10 at 10, when your favorite show on TV starts.

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